The Eco Gift Box


It's time to switch to environmentally presents! The Eco Gift Box by Baluchon, is the perfect ethical, sustainable gift for your loved ones. It is a great starter kit for anyone conscious about the environment, climate change and the fate of our dear planet. Last but not least: it's stylish! 


The box is filled with 4 types of zero waste supplies by Baluchon, all bundled in a bamboo box, and wrapped in a reusable furoshiki gift wrap.


When you're concerned about the environment, it can be difficult to justify buying more things at a time of climate change & climate strikes, but it can be just as difficult attending a party or celebrating holidays without bringing gifts. With the box, you can now go along with normal social conventions without looking like a weirdo or having to compromise your environmental and sustainability values!


Inside the bamboo box, you will find:

  • Produce bags - Cotton muslin bags to replace single-use plastic bags when grocery shopping (among other uses!)
  • Beeswax Food Wraps - Wax-coated cotton fabric to replace single-use plastic film in the kitchen (among other uses!)
  • Panda Pads - Bamboo Face wipes to replace disposable cotton pads for make up removal, face washing, baby washing or even to replace disposable breast pads, etc...
  • Avoska bags - Extensible cotton netbags to go plastic-free when grocery shopping, a kind of extensible tote bag.
  • And what's even better? The box comes wrapped in a cloth furoshiki gift wrap, all arranged & ready to give to your loved ones, colleagues, or even to yourself!

The Eco Gift Box

64,00 €Price
Wrapped in
  • The Eco Gift Box is 1 bamboo box filled with:

    • 1 Set of Panda Pads (x8 pcs) - Color may vary between Red or Black sets
    • 1 Set of Produce Bags (x6 pcs)
    • 1 Beeswax Food Wrap L (Square 30x30cm) - Color may vary
    • 1 Avoska Netbag - Color may vary
    • The box exterior is wrapped in 1 Furoshiki Gift Wrap (Medium 75x75cm) - your choice of Pudica, Lotus or Coron designs)
  • Baluchon's packaging is minimalist, plastic-free, made of materials that are compostable at home. We also use recycled/up-cycled materials as much as possible.

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“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

– Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability

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