The Bento Bag

The Bento Bag, by BALUCHON 


At Baluchon, we sometimes receive fabric samples that we did not ask for, and even though we try to limit those, we also produce small quantities of fabric scraps. We did not wanted those to go to waste. So, for our beloved clients, we decided to up-cycle those and share the (green) love.


Some of you already discovered the Bento Bag (aka the "BB"!) in December 2019, when we offered one with every order above 500 RMB, and with every Eco Gift Box.


You loved them, you asked for them, so here they are now for sale, for everyone to try!


Bento (弁当) is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.  Japanese homemakers often spend time and energy on carefully prepared lunch boxes for their spouses, children, or themselves. They are often wrapped in a furoshiki cloth, or this simplified version of a furoshiki, the Bento Bag!


Other than packing your lunch, here are quite a few ideas for how to make use of these handy little bags:

  • Bulk  bags: For separating fruits and vegetables on the counter or to use while bulk shopping
  • Bread basket: At home, for serving bread on the table & keeping it covered too
  • Purse sorting bag: Put your phone, power bank & charging cable together so you easily find them in your bag. Same for medicine, make up, or pens when on the go.
  • Sortable storage: Make a set for sorting wires, batteries, pens or anything else in your drawers. This could be a solution for organizing tools, children toys, your make-up drawer, a kitchen junk drawer, or jewelry.
  • Basket/desk bin: They will nicely stand up and hold things on a bureau, desk, counter, or table. Or stand one in a dresser drawer or cabinet.
  • Gift bags: No need to master the art of furoshiki to use reusable gift wraps, just throw your gift in this Bento Bag and voila!


The BB come in different patterns of 100% cotton fabric that had no use or was headed to the landfill (fabric samples, production scraps, fabric tests, etc...), and in different sizes.


Baluchon is happy to share the zero waste love around and make you discover this easy, sustainable little step towards a greener future!


EVERYTHING STARTS WITH THE CUSTOMER: You can make a difference! Take baby steps towards a less wasteful way of life today.

The Bento Bag

6,00 €Price
  • The BB  come in 2 sizes:

    • Little BB - 25 x 25 cm 
    • Medium BB - 30 x 30 cm

    We will be making Big BB (35cm x 35 cm) on demand.

    100% cotton fabric unless specified otherwise