Baluchon Furoshiki Double Book

The Furoshiki Gift Wrap, by BALUCHON 


When we think of gifts, we automatically think of wrapping them with paper. But what if we think beyond the roll, and start wrapping with fabric? Not only it is stylish, it is also zero waste & economical in long run!


The Japanese have been using "furoshiki", the art of wrapping with fabric, for centuries. For those of us who have never considered anything but paper, this may come as a surprise, but using fabric is a great way to bring sustainability into your home!


\\ Reusable
\\ Sustainable
\\ Zerowaste

\\ Stylish
\\ Handmade in Shanghai
\\ 100% Cotton
\\ Fabrics sourced locally


Wrap your gift in reusable cloth instead of polluting wrapping paper that becomes waste the minute you offer your gift. With Baluchon gift wraps, the packaging becomes part of the present, and your friends and family will, at their turn, use it to offer gifts to their loved ones. 


Inspired from the Japanese art of furoshiki, cloth gift wrapping is both pragmatic & visionary to reduce waste in your household. It uses simple folds and knots that are fairly easy to master.


3 sizes are available to cover all your wrapping needs :

  • “Mini” 50cm x 50cm - This is the tiny wrap version, perfect for wrapping around your lunch box or other smallish gifts (a small book, a perfume, an iphone box or baby shoes or clothes)
  • “Medium” 75cm x 75cm - This is the most commonly used version of the furoshiki as a gift wrap. It will perfectly fit shoe boxes, books, clothes, and many more…)
  • “Maxi” 100cm x 100cm version - The “big brother” of all wraps, perfect to wrap a wine bottle, a laptop bag or to make a furoshiki that can double as a bag.



EVERYTHING STARTS WITH THE CUSTOMER: You can make a difference! Take baby steps towards a less wasteful way of life today.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap_CLASSIC

7,00 €Price
    • 100% cotton (unless specified otherwise)
    • Handmade
    • Mini (50cm x 50cm)
    • Medium (75cm x 75cm)
    • Maxi (100cm x 100cm)