Avoska Netbag

The Avoska Netbag, by BALUCHON 

Never accept single-use plastic bags again, thanks to the Avoska Netbag!


Buy groceries and without creating waste, with our handmade plastic-free solutions. Made with love (and cotton), the Avoska Netbag is the perfect reusable alternative to single-use paper and plastic when out grocery shopping.


Available in different colors


The Avoska Netbag is lightweight bag perfect for carrying your daily essentials while on the go!

String bags have been used by many cultures in history. As our dear clients Valeria & Karina told us, string bags were popular in Russia and other former USSR republics where they were called "avoska" (Russian: авоська), which may be translated as "what if bag". The bag you always keep with you "just in case".  


Since 1860, these Parisian-style net bags have been used in France, Holland and Germany to gather provisions from markets and grocery stores. It is amazing that these remarkably practical “filets” are still relevant and still in use today. Strong, stretchy, compact and useful… just the way you like it.


As the fashion blogger/instagramer Aemilia Madden puts it "Not only does the simple market tote make it easy to carry around my daily necessities (photogenic fruit included, of course), but it's also easy to stow away as an extra bag for later. It's perfect for the beach—no residual sand stuck in the bottom—but is chic enough to bring to the office. And while you may feel more protective over an expensive leather bag, it's guaranteed this style can handle whatever your daily activities may be."


EVERYTHING STARTS WITH THE CUSTOMER: You can make a difference! Take baby steps towards a less wasteful way of life today.

Avoska Netbag

8,00 €Price
    • Unbleached, Natural, Zerowaste, 100% cotton bag
    • Approximately 30cm x 34cm
    • Different colors available 
    • Long handle (approx. 21cm)