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Washable cotton produce bags

Dedicated to helping you reduce plastic waste and start your zerowaste journey, these vegetable produce bags are made from cotton and will replace the disposable plastic bags that are used in shops when buying veggies and fruits. They also can be used to buy & store nuts, grains, herbs, tea, coffee beans, dried fruit, greens, vegetables, fruits, or used as snack bags, bread bags, bulk food bags.


Zerowaste & Easy to wash

Each set is composed of 6 reusable produce bags (2 Small 25cmx35cm plus 2 Medium 30cmx40cm plus 2 Large 40cmx50cm). They can be washed in the washing machine, at 30 or 40 degrees, and air dried. 


Eco-friendly & Compostable

As they are handmade high-quality cotton muslin bags, they are strong, heat-resistant, breathable, flexible and highly durable. They can be composted at home at the end of their lives. Baluchon’s packaging is 100% free of plastic, and compostable at home. 

Vegetable preservation

These bags also help keep veggies and fruits fresh and crisp inside the refrigerator, and you can even wash your fruit or veggies with the cotton bags!

Multiple functions

They are extremely practical! They are not only a substitute for plastic bags, ultimately, you can also use them for storage of any items at home or while traveling, such as toys, cosmetics, beauty accessories, sports equipment & shoes.


Never leaving your side

Compared to the mesh bags available on the market, that can be a bit bulky, Baluchon’s produce bags are so lightweight and foldable that they will discreetly stay at the bottom of your bag all day around.

How to use them?

When sorting out veggies at the supermarket or market, one is often required to put them in separate plastic bags so they can be weighted and a sticker with both weight and price stuck on each disposable bag. Simply refuse the plastic bags and propose to use your produce bag instead. You will be surprised at how many people (especially street vendors) will be pleased by their sight, and congratulate you on your action! If you ever encounter resistance, stay strong, you are doing the right thing!

Baluchon’s Produce Bags are available in different sizes so you'll be covered whether you are buying a few oranges or 2 kilos of potatoes. 

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