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Our reusable gift cloth wraps

All our wraps are 100% cotton, sourced locally and handmade. Designs change regularly, following the seasons and the trends, many being limited editions. 

One of the joys of the reusable gift wraps is that the wrapping also becomes part of the present: some prefer to keep theirs in the family, passing them around from year to year. Others like to send them out on a journey from friend to friend, taking their positive message with them. 

Our “Mini” [50cm x 50cm]  This is the tiny wrap version, perfect for wrapping around small gifts (a small book, a perfume, a cutlery set, an iphone box or baby shoes or clothes).

Our “Medium” [75cm x 75cm] This is the most commonly used version of the furoshiki as a gift wrap. It will perfectly fit your lunch box, a baby shoe box, books, clothes, and many more…

Our “Maxi” [100cm x 100cm] The “big brother” of all wraps, perfect to wrap a wine bottle, a shoe box or to make a furoshiki that can double as a bag. 

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