Washable & natural food wraps

Baluchon’s food wraps are a wonderful, natural, breathable, and reusable alternative to plastic cling film, aluminium foil or plastic tupperwares. And best of all, they are compostable!

Perfect for wrapping vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, sandwiches, snacks and nuts. They also are the best companion to shop for wet items like tofu at the market or at bulk stores, or to wrap your food on the go (lunch boxes, picnic,..).

Our beeswax wraps are handmade in Shanghai using 100% cotton fabrics and food grade organic ingredients. Every ingredient used comes from the earth, and will return to the earth.

With proper care, a single beeswax sheet can last for several months, which also saves you money! After that, they can easily be rewaxed.


We have designed different sizes to cover all your wrapping needs in the kitchen. Our wraps are sold by set of 3 pieces for 120rmb, based on customer feedback on the most used sizes on their daily life, that is to say one extra-small (XS), one small (S) and one medium (M).

1 pack of 3 pieces (1 XS + 1S + 1M) - 120 RMB

Extra Small XS: 18 x 25cm (Unit price 30RMB)
Wrap half of an onion, half a lemon,  or any snack (carrot sticks, nuts …)

Small S: 23 x 25cm (Unit price 50RMB)
Cover a small bowl, snack nuts, a piece of cheese, or half an avocado.

Medium M: 30 x 25cm (Unit price 60RMB)

Cover a glass tupperware, half of a sandwich, a piece of cheese, a piece of pie, or half a papaya.

Square Large L: 30 x 30cm (Unit price 70RMB)
Cover half of a cabbage or cantaloupe, a whole cheese, a sandwich or a large bowl, or make an envelope to take snacks and sandwich on a picnic.