Baluchon is a green living start-up made in Shanghai, aiming at normalizing the use of cloth as the sustainable alternative to the excessive use of disposable paper, plastic & cotton in people's daily life. The brand was created by French environmental engineer & mother of two, Nanou, who lives in Shanghai with her family since 2010.

Baluchon makes it easy to reduce your impact on the environment with baby steps, whether you are offering a gift to a loved one with our Japan-inspired furoshiki gift wraps, in your kitchen with our reusable beeswax foood wraps and produce bags or even in your bathroom with our washable bamboo face wipes, the Panda Pads.

All Baluchon's products are handmade, with natural products, in small batches, in Shanghai, China, where Nanou lives and work.

We embrace the zerowaste lifestyle & encourage you to  do the same, by proposing trendy zerowaste alternatives delivered to your door! Our packaging is minimalist, plastic-free & made of materials compostable at home.

Thanks to Baluchon, zerowaste can be stylish!

Nanou Baluchon

“Baluchon” was created in Shanghai, China in December 2017 by Nanou, a French environmental engineer specialized in soil and groundwater remediation, a mother of two, and an admirer of our astonishing planet. She has witnessed firsthand what landfills look like all around the world, and the terrible impact the paper industry has on our air, soil and waters.


In her spare time, she has decided to act, by launching this new version of the ancient japanese art of wrapping cloth, named "Baluchon". She hopes to replace paper wrapping in every home, one gift at a time, by proposing a trendy alternative. Enter the non-disposable lifestyle with her today!

Interested in her story? Read her Feiy interview here.

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“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

– Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability

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